What’s considered cheating in OSM?

We often get questions about what's considered cheating and what's not. Managers reporting users just because they managed to build a really good squad, because they beat them while their squad is better or even report managers because they don't lose a match.
As you can imagine this creates an huge delay and unnecessary workload having to check all those ticket/reports.
Let's try to reduce this, by explaining when managers are breaking OSM Terms and when they should be reported.
There are mainly 3 situations where it's easy for users to spot when a manager is breaking OSM Terms:

Illegal transfers 
  • Doing transfers between 2 or more teams (managed by humans) where one of them is clearly the benefited with those transfers
  • Buying weak players that don't improve your squad by huge amounts without a clear reason for it (don't have enough players to line due to injuries or suspension)
  • Buying strong players that will improve your squad by really low values without having a clear benefit to seller
  • A single user controlling several teams or a group of users playing as a group to 'assure' that a specific team will win the league by setting losing tactics, weak line ups, players on wrong positions and/or play with strongest line up and camping their rivals
Offensive language 
  • Offensive names, league names, profiles, insults via PMs, Crew Names.....etc
Important NOTE: All reports should include a clear description of what you're reporting and evidences added (please, add all the necessary screenshots)
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